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domingo, 18 de abril de 2010

Internet is like an open window to the world

Have you ever thought about how difficult it was not so long ago to know stuff from other places, recieve information...? Well now you just type, for example, Japan in Google and there you you can find all kind of stuff, information about the country its traditions and even pictures of it.

We, Internet users and that have been able to use it for not all our life but a really big part of it, are so lucky and should be so thankful for it. I mean, just think about it, apart from the fact that in Spain in the 40's there was a huge part of the population that weren't even able to read or write, no one would have imagined not even in science fiction books something like the Internet would ever exist.

You have the power to publish something and for someone else to read at the other part of the world, or even speak with them and see them, isn't that kind of crazy? Think about it. Of course in the past 2 centuries we have advanced a lot, thats for sure but how the Internet has progress is unthinkable. I remember when I first has a computer I was 8 (that's like 10 years ago) but of course I didn't have Internet, I never thought such a thing existed. I wasn't until 2 years later I discovered Internet and finally had it at home. Now that I think about it I don't remember such a big impression about it and I now wonder why, I guess I was just a child and could not think what taht really meant even if at that time I was living outside my native country and I could comunicate with my firends back in Spain life. I wonder if older peolple who discovered Internet in a more grown up time of there life were shocked as I am now that I think about it.

The incorporation of computers and Internet to our lifes was kind of easy and so we might not think of it as the huge advance it is. We should take some time to think how thanks to the Internet the world is more connected, more in touch.

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